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I gained my MSc in Obesity and Weight Management in 2017.  Since then, I have worked as a nutritionist in schools and the community, as well as conducting research and writing blogs and articles.  My background is in psychology which has helped me to understand the addictive nature of overeating and how to tackle this.

My concern is that there is too much emphasis on obesity prevention and weight loss without addressing the psychological impact of poor body image such as low self-esteem.  These interventions can be counterproductive as body dissatisfaction often leads to weight gain and is a considerable risk factor for eating disorders.  

My focus is to improve well-being by providing easy practical tips to encourage healthy eating habits and developing strategies to promote a more positive mindset.

I feel that teenagers are the most effective audience to create a healthier society.  They are at that perfect stage to make lifestyle changes as they are not yet too fixed in their eating habits.  Using the latest nutritional research, I have devised an interactive presentation targeting this age group in school settings

One massive influence on children’s eating habits is the impact of their parents.  Therefore, I have also designed a session for parents who are wanting to improve the nutritional habits of their children.

I have spent many years volunteering for different organisations - currently at Childline and Mencap. 

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